Incorporating a long standing culture of designers from European countries such as Italy and Germany, then nearer to home in East Asia, the Red Apple design maximizes style with sleekness, making the clean lines and color very practical to live with.

With a background of more than 30 years, furniture designers from Italy, Germany and Japan, Red Apple’s products are of a Contemporary European design with some East Asian elements included. It conveys a visual concept of clean smooth lines, that are a comfort to the human eye and favorable worldwide.

Manufactured with the most modern techniques, equipment and technologies, the designers have put passion and thought into every detail so as to give the consumer the satisfaction of Quality, Comfort and Fashion.

Our History

On The Path to Becoming a World Leading Brand

Established in 1981, Red Apple with its sleek stylish designs and high quality workmanship has become one of the most well and favorite furniture that suits the needs of the Hong Kong market and its European residents who want a product of good quality and classy looks.And you can see that it's a product that they enjoy and is part of their everyday lives.

In order to meet the global market needs, Red Apple expanded their production level, resulting with the opening of its first Manufacturing Factory in Shenzhen China's in 1987. Looking at both brand awareness and the market share among China's national home market, Red Apple is now one of the largest manufacturers of high quality furniture in China. Our products are now available in virtually every city in China, and are exported to over 50 countries. Here are just a few to name:- Australia, Japan, Middle East States, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, Spain, Italy, U.K, USA, and Southeast Asia.

Trend Setting for the World Furniture Industry

Red Apple products are a modern yet simple design, practical and comfortable for all ages in the consumer market. Our product development specialists and designers visit various market around the world on a regular basis, so as to keep track of the Global Trends in furniture, peoples needs. As a result of this and since 1992, we have introduced modern European style furniture of high quality to the Chinese and Asian markets, resulting in us becoming the market leader in the Chinese Furniture Industry.

Our Honours / Awards

Red Apple Furniture Honour

For more than twenty years, Red Apple has been committed to making premium quality furniture. This is why all our materials are of superior quality and environmentally friendly. We apply the same concept when we choose our suppliers. In 2002, Red Apple furniture attained the “Q-Mark” certificate, licensed by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries. In November 2003, Red Apple furniture and mattresses was issued with the certificate of Product Exemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection by the State General Administration of “The Peoples Republic of China” for Quality and Quarantine. Then in 2006, Red Apple was awarded with the National Inspection – free product certificate for furniture and mattresses.

International Awards

Local Awards